Our Journey to Urban Electric Co.

As interior designers, we’re always looking for companies that share our vision to create liveable spaces that don’t compromise style. Urban Electric Co. is one of these companies! For over 20 years, Urban Electric Co. has been the big name in luxury lighting, and for good reason. They combine craftsmanship and modern design to create…

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Summer Living: How to Design Your Outdoor Space

design outdoor space

To design outdoor space is an art that requires a blending of looks, function, and style. At RKID, we love to craft outdoor sanctuaries you’ll love to live in! When deciding what to create in your dream outdoor space, consider our top recommended features! 1. Gas Fire Tables and Real Fire Pits Add some ambiance…

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The RKID Interior Design Process


At Renae Keller Interior Design, we take incredible pride in our design process. Our work is truly where dreams meet reality and every space tells a story. If you’re seeking an interior design firm that prioritizes your vision and values your story, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a closer look at the…

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Renae Keller Interior Design Firm: Meet Emily

At RKID Minneapolis interior design firm, every designer brings their unique flair to the table. Our associate designer, Emily, is no exception! A vibrant blend of creativity and passion, Emily has a talent for creating spaces that truly inspire. Emily’s Interior Design Inspiration For Emily, design inspiration is a kaleidoscope of influences, reflecting the vibrant…

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Luxury Kitchen Upgrades for your Custom Home

luxury kitchen upgrade

The heart of the home is the kitchen: a space where culinary magic happens, family gatherings unfold, and memories are made. But why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Today, we’re diving into the world of luxury kitchen upgrades, where every detail is crafted to dazzle and delight. Let me share the secret…

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Discovering Decorative Plumbing with the House of Rohl

decorative plumbing main

Get ready for a journey into the world of decorative plumbing! Recently we had the chance to dive deep into the luxurious world of The House of Rohl’s Design Collective, courtesy of Rohl Distributing. If you’re not already familiar, The House of Rohl is like a treasure chest of top-notch decorative plumbing brands from around…

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Wallpaper Trends to Watch in 2024

We’re diving into some serious design magic today as we explore the transformative power of wallpaper trends. Here at Renae Keller Interior Designs, we know the incredible impact of carefully chosen wall coverings. Get ready to dive into the world of patterns, colors, and textured wallpaper that can turn an ordinary wall into a work…

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