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Renae Keller Interior Design Services

  • Create design schemes to include overall color palette, paint, fabrics, wall coverings, window treatments, floorings and more
  • Drafting of floor plans, furniture layouts and elevations via CAD software with functionality and traffic patterns in mind
  • A custom tote, full of samples, so you can see, touch and feel the design elements and textures of your new space...and even shop with them or show your friends
  • Placement and specification of building materials, such as flooring, lighting, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures and hardware
  • Furniture, including custom designed furniture or restoration of existing, well-loved pieces
  • Manufacturers, showrooms and workrooms that fit your style and needs
  • Artwork and accessories
  • Fabrication and installation schedules to reflect construction timelines and priorities
  • Consultations with contractors, sub-contractors, and architects
  • Placement and installation of all orders placed through RKID
  • Every detail from concept to completion

The Renae Keller Interior Design Process

Step 1: Getting to Know You

We always kick off the relationship with a complimentary phone consultation. It is important to us to get to know you and your project, and relay to you what it is like to work with RKID. By the end of the call, we will decide together if we are a right fit for your project, and then we will book for our first in-person meeting.

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Step 2: In-Person Discovery Meeting

Relationship people at our core, we’re always excited about the first in-person meeting with a new client. Yes, we discuss what you like and don’t like, of course; but more importantly, we capture your story. Where has life and travels taken you? How do you want to feel in your home?

Do you read in an overstuffed chair while sipping red wine? We will think of the table your glass will sit on, the space needed to secure this sacred moment, and even the drool-worthy fabric you can luxuriously enjoy and never worry about staining.

We obsess over the details of your lifestyle, and all the things that are important to you and your family, so you do not have to.

Step 3: We Discuss the Numbers

With vast experience and all of the right vendor relationships, we confidently approach your dream design with both shared hope and realistic expectations. Integrity is the cornerstone of our business, and your happiness is our priority, so we talk openly and honestly about the cost of your project and the many paths we can lead you on to arrive at your “wow.” Throughout your project, we will keep an eye on your ideal design and your ideal budget.

Step 4: We Create Plan

Whether you are redesigning your living room or leaning on us to help you design your home from the ground up, we will stay on task and make the design transition process as easy as possible for you and your family. We keep an eye on the big picture and every single detail because that’s where your story the details. And when you start to panic because you can’t “see” it all coming together, we will be there to help you vision by always coming back to the plan.

Step 5: And So it Begins...

Throughout this step, we present design ideas, fabric selections, structural options, furniture choices, art inspiration and more, putting everything into one easy visual scope for you to glimpse into the future. This is also where you get your goody bag of samples. (Exciting!)  Of course, as we collaborate to create your dream project that fits your lifestyle. We will touch textiles, visit lighting and furniture showrooms, experience textures, discover your reaction to a great patina, hear what you love or dislike, and watch for the moment when you fall in love with that special piece. Our goal is to create a space that is not only beautiful, but solves your problems beautifully.

Step 6: Managing the Details

Most importantly, RKID acts as your liaison and advocate and, of course, the keeper of your timeline.  You continue to live your busy life, and we oversee all the construction communication, attend meetings, drive the results you desire, and manage deliveries and installation. We’ve even been told we’ve helped keep the peace on the homefront. (Weekend getaways are highly recommended, by the way!)  Yes, building or renovating can be stressful, but you can lean on our experience as your trusted partner to calm the chaos, act as a neutral, unbiased and professional opinion...and ultimately transform your home in a way that everyone loves.

You’ll know when we have reached the installation phase because you’ll find us lighting a celebratory candle, placing fresh flowers throughout your home, and ensuring all is tidy and reveal-worthy.

Step 7: It’s Time for the Grand Reveal (Our Favorite!)

The installation is complete, and it’s time to share your newly designed home with your loved ones. We can even help you plan your fabulous reveal party, where you will showcase your sanctuary to your friends and family. We will elegantly celebrate your lifestyle, your impeccible taste...and, most importantly, your story.

We would love to serve you. Allow the Renae Keller Interior Design team to inspire you to, “burn the candles and use the china.”

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Kind words from our clients...

"I loved Renae the moment I met her. She has an innate ability to see my vision and work with it.... as she develops the overall vision of the project. She helped us remodel 3 baths and the kitchen plus some updates in the dining room, living room and foyer to pull it all together. I trusted her overall vision even when I questioned a certain detail. She had the overall look firmly in place and all the little pieces to the puzzle came together perfectly. It is better than I expected! And she works very well with contractors, painters and other vendors to make my life easier during such disruption. She has so many connections, there is nothing she cannot do or have done for you. On a personal note, she is not only a gifted designer, she is now a friend. She is delightful to work with, down to earth and very funny. I looked forward to every single meeting. She is the real deal. I give her the highest recommendation."

- Lisa Seiling

"Renae and her team designed the foyer, stairwells, hallway and laundry room for our home, which was the 2015 ASID MN Showcase Home. We absolutely loved her work (finished product), as well as the process of working with her. She was friendly, warm, attentive and always listened to and incorporated our thoughts & ideas into the areas she worked on. More than any other space(s) in our home, RKID's spaces were a true collaboration between client and designer. Whenever we floated an idea to her for something unique, Renae always researched the idea and came back to us with input and a strategy to try and incorporate it. This resulted in a beautiful full-wall photo mural in our upper hallway & unique stairwell landings that incorporated items such as a surfboard, hand-painted oars and other items, which became crowd favorites during the Showcase Home tour. Renae was definitely one of our favorite designers to work with among the 20+ designers who helped complete our home and we would highly recommend her to anyone tackling a home design project."

- Susan Lacek

"Renae fulfilled all my wishes and more. My new home is my sanctuary. Renae dealt with so many obstacles associated with building a house. She produced a gorgeous home that is full of so many beautiful elements, refined textures, fabrics and materials. I will be forever grateful to Renae Keller and her talent. Not only is she my decorator buy my new good friend."

- Karen Nicks

"Renae is the most talented designer I have ever met! She has a wonderful esthetic and has transformed 2800 square feet of my home into my sanctuary. She has impeccable taste, is always on point and seamlessly integrates trends with your personal style, while still choosing timeless pieces. Sound to good to be true? Then try working with her for yourself. You will be thrilled with your transformation! These new spaces are building wonderful memories for our family... In fact plan to have her help me with the remainder of my home, creating more beautiful spaces for us to enjoy!"

- Alexandra Wolanskyj

"Renae Keller is exceptionally talented and resourceful. My house was a blank slate and she created a masterpiece. Her natural design talent and instinct are unrivaled. I will only use Renae Keller for all of my design needs and projects.

- Barbara Onomiya


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