At RKID Minneapolis interior design firm, every designer brings their unique flair to the table. Our associate designer, Emily, is no exception! A vibrant blend of creativity and passion, Emily has a talent for creating spaces that truly inspire.

Emily’s Interior Design Inspiration

For Emily, design inspiration is a kaleidoscope of influences, reflecting the vibrant tapestry of life itself. From the runway to the rustic charm of antique stores, she’s all about embracing the beauty of everyday life. Nature’s hues, social media trends, and the timeless elegance of art museums all converge to fuel her boundless creativity.

Ask Emily about her design style, and she’ll proudly proclaim her allegiance to maximalism. A riot of colors, textures, and patterns defines her aesthetic, with a penchant for the unconventional and the eclectic. From retro-chic to grandma’s vintage treasures, Emily weaves together disparate elements with finesse, creating beautiful spaces that pulsate with energy and personality.

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Life at Our Interior Design Firm

As an associate designer at RKID, Emily is a mastermind behind the scenes, orchestrating many details of the design process. From curating mood boards to sourcing furniture, her role in design services is multifaceted and dynamic. Yet, her favorite part of the design process is the culmination—the moment when the vision materializes into reality.

Her favorite part about being part of the RKID team is the opportunity to learn and grow. Surrounded by powerhouse women and design experts, she’s inspired by their strength and creativity. For Emily, RKID isn’t just a workplace; it’s an A-team environment of creativity and collaboration.

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A Peek into Emily’s World

When she’s not immersed in design, Emily loves soaking up the sunshine and spending quality time with her family. And let’s not forget shopping (that counts as a hobby right)? Whether she’s kayaking on the lake or binge-watching 2000s romcoms, Emily knows how to make the most of every moment.

If asked what beverage best describes her, Emily will explain that she’s all about champagne! Why? Because she’s always up for a celebration, and who can blame her? But don’t let the bubbly fool you—Emily’s got a savviness for planning ahead. If she could swap places with someone for a day, it’d be her future self. Control freak? Perhaps. Prepared? Absolutely. And we love this about her!!

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Embodying the Essence of RKID Interior Design Firm

So there you have it—the inside scoop on Emily, the powerhouse behind RKID’s creative endeavors, bringing vision to life. With her infectious energy and boundless imagination, she’s shaping the world, one design at a time. Cheers to that and to our adored teammate Emily!!

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Renae Keller is an award-winning, ASID certified interior designer in Minneapolis-St. Paul, specializing in new construction and large remodels. Trusted by homebuilders, architects and homebuyers alike, Renae is known for creating an overall design vision that blends functionality and aesthetics, while keeping the details intertwined, and her customer's style in clear focus.