To design outdoor space is an art that requires a blending of looks, function, and style. At RKID, we love to craft outdoor sanctuaries you’ll love to live in! When deciding what to create in your dream outdoor space, consider our top recommended features!

1. Gas Fire Tables and Real Fire Pits

Add some ambiance to your outdoor gathering with the mesmerizing flicker of flames. Whether you opt for the convenience of gas fire tables or the rustic charm of real fire pits, both offer unique opportunities for intimate gatherings and cozy conversations under the starlit sky.

You know we believe in using your beautiful home here at RKID (not just looking at it), and what better way to “burn the candle, use the china” than inviting family and friends to enjoy your gorgeous outdoor fireplace or deck on a warm summer evening!


2. Phantom Screens

Embrace the outdoors without compromising on comfort. Phantom screens provide a seamless transition between outdoor and indoor spaces, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air while keeping pesky insects at bay. Whether it’s a leisurely afternoon lounging on the backyard patio or hosting a dinner party al fresco, phantom screens ensure uninterrupted enjoyment of your outdoor oasis (no matter the ecosystem).

3. Pergola

Elevate your entertaining space with the timeless elegance of a pergola. If we could only choose one outdoor feature- this would be it! This versatile architectural element does double duty, adding depth and sophistication to your space and also serving as a focal point for dining and leisurely lounging. Adorned with drapes, string lights, and verdant foliage or potted plants, a pergola is full of charm. The vintage vibes make it the perfect canvas for creating magical moments outdoors.


4. Quality Umbrellas

Though not technically an outdoor feature to build, investing in premium-quality umbrellas enhances both comfort and style in your backyard space. From providing shade against the early evening sun to sheltering guests during unexpected showers, a well-designed umbrella adds a touch of elegance and practicality to any outdoor setting. Choose umbrellas that complement your outdoor seating and furniture while offering durability and reliability for years of enjoyment.

Our Top 3 Favorite Design Outdoor Spaces

If you need some inspiration to design your outdoor space, check out a few of our favorite projects for outdoor living ideas!

  1. Lakeside Contemporary: If you’re dreaming of an outdoor fireplace, check out this project! Imagine modern elegance harmonizing with the serene beauty of a lakeside setting. This third-floor outdoor fireplace serves as a captivating focal point, drawing guests together around its warmth.
  2. Shingle Style Lodge Home: If your design ideas include phantom screens, this project is the one for you! Nestled amidst nature, the Shingle Style Lodge Home boasts a four-season porch that effortlessly merges indoor comfort with outdoor allure. Enhanced by innovative garage doors equipped with phantom screens, this space offers uninterrupted views and protection against unwanted pests.
  3. Sand Lake Project: If you want something more playful, check out what we did at this home! Sometimes, it’s the simplest features that hold the most significance. At the Sand Lake Project, a swing out on the deck holds a special place in our clients’ hearts. It symbolizes cherished moments of leisurely relaxation and tranquility.

Design Your Outdoor Space

Crafting the perfect outdoor living space is an art form that requires a thoughtful balance of design, functionality, and ambiance. You can transform your outdoor area into a sanctuary of relaxation with essential features like fire elements, screening solutions, and pergolas. So, embrace the joys of summer living and let RKID help you design an outdoor space that reflects your unique style and enhances your lifestyle.

burn the candles use the china
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