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While you most likely visit this blog for design tips, trend alerts, and dreamy photography,  we also want this to be a one-stop-shop where we can encourage, inspire, and spark ideas that help grow your life and home all at once.

Right now life looks different for everyone and while there’s something uniquely special about the comradery that we’re all experiencing, it is most definitely derailing our normal routines. Here at RKID, we are finding ways to keep that same normal and continue giving our undivided attention to our clients and project. The best way we know how to encourage you to do the same is by sharing what is working for us (and some near and dear followers of ours that so kindly jumped in on our Instagram discussion in stories yesterday!).

Let’s jump in. 


Renae Keller Interior Design

Take that social media temptation by the horns each morning! 

You can bet this one is necessary for us over here because I haven’t even made it two paragraphs without name dropping Instagram. While, yes, Instagram is a really powerful part of what helps us keep our business alive and inspiring, it is probably our number one distraction (that and children of course!). Turning off your notifications during the workday and giving yourself a fifteen-minute break at lunchtime has been really beneficial while we navigate this new “work from home grind”.


Renae Keller Interior Design

WORK that workspace, people!

The answer is yes. There was someone at some point who made your office space at work feel as productive as it does. In fact that person has a very similar job title as us so you can take our word for this! The look and feel of your surroundings MATTER! So light a candle (our personal favorite), gather your favorite plants, order flowers (for delivery of course!) and find a spot near a window because the reality is we have no idea how long this will last. We have found that a work surface that closely resembles your space at work helps the mind adjust.


Renae Keller Interior Design

Move, move, move when you need to.

This one has been big for our office because as I’m sure you’ve picked up on… we are always moving, driving, and lugging materials from place to place! In all honesty, that’s one of my most favorite things about this job so we can’t lose that routine and expect to love our day to day as much as we normally do! That’s where being ok with putting the pen down and going for a walk, throwing on your favorite song and dancing, or stretching has come in handy for us. It’s about time we stop taking those daily activities for granted anyways! We are hoping the mentality shift behind this particular tip sticks with us way beyond this whole quarantine phase for us.


Renae Keller Interior Design

Put your face on! 

Kidding, mostly, because we know your natural face is just as pretty as the one with mascara and brushed hair AND we really know that what’s in your heart is what really matters… but hey! Pretty sure your spouse, children, or even furry friend for that matter will thank us for this one. Even more so than those people, we truly believe yourself in the mirror is going to be the most thankful for this one! Time and time again we hear “look good, feel good, do good” and we agree with it everytime. Get yourself dressed! Even if that means a cute sweater on top and sweatpants on the bottom (been there, done that!). Do this every morning and let it serve as your fresh start. It will feel like a constant in this time of uncertainty. For us this looks like beautycounter makeup, black turtleneck (Renae’s trademark), and maybe leggings on the bottom for when that lunchtime walk comes into play! 


Renae Keller Interior Design

SEE people! 

If you are anything like the faces behind RKID you need that social interaction and meaningful connection with others to complete your day. Whether that be group facetimes with your family, virtual happy hour with some of your closest friends, or making that dreaded call (that by the way ALWAYS ends up being worth it) to an old friend. During times like this, it always helps to keep your focus on all the ways this is bringing our world together.


And with that… Go on and be productive, friends! 

We are rooting for each and every one of you during these unusual times, and please….don’t forget to “Burn the candles, and Use the china…”

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