We’re diving into some serious design magic today as we explore the transformative power of wallpaper trends. Here at Renae Keller Interior Designs, we know the incredible impact of carefully chosen wall coverings. Get ready to dive into the world of patterns, colors, and textured wallpaper that can turn an ordinary wall into a work of art (who doesn’t love that).

Embrace Your Personal Style!

So, what are the biggest wallpaper trends of 2024? My number one is actually to forget what’s trendy and embrace what’s truly you! This may feel like cheating, but trust us, you’re the one who gets to live in your home day after day. Choosing a wallpaper simply because a magazine or blog (even mine!) says to is a big mistake.

When it comes to choosing the right wallpaper, make sure to think about how you use the space. What do you want it to look like (and how brave are you)? Are you ready to go big or prefer a subtle touch? Your wallpaper should match your vibe!

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Get Practical

We all love something pretty, but real life requires a bit of practicality too. Quick-changing design trends are out for 2024 as we embrace a bit more sustainability. This means you’re going to want wallpaper that lasts!

Check out one of our favorite projects for example, the Stick Bugs wallpaper: it’s not just a cool touch of whimsy; it’s on durable vinyl, so no worries about accidental spills. And guess what? You can choose from a range of options – silk, linen, shiny paper, vinyl, you name it- to help fit your needs! 

The stick bugs started out small and we enlarged them so they looked geometric and up close they were bugs! This was Root Cellar Designs from Tapis-Decor showroom at IMS– Which we love!

Bold or Subtle: What’s Trending?

Our take? It totally depends on the room. I know, I know, that’s not exactly a trend, but sometimes your wallpaper steals the show, like with a fun abstract pattern or bright color palette, and other times, it plays a supporting role with more traditional wallpapers (subtle floral anyone)? Ask yourself, are you making a real statement or just adding a little extra flair? Both can work!

Whatever you choose, our mantra is, “Immerse the room with it!” Especially in small spots like pantries or powder rooms. Living spaces you don’t spend a ton of time in are some of the best spots to add a fun surprise. It can liven up quiet, less used spaces and create a real interest point in your home, whether you go for a bold print or something more subtle.

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Need some Wallpaper Trend Inspiration?

If you need help finding a wallpaper that works, feel free to steal some of our most popular choices! 

Check out Jim Thompson’s Temple of Dawn wallpaper collection for a timeless appeal, Mirage and Designs’ Hello Dahlia for a cheerful, playful pattern, and Kelly Ventura’s Cosmos Wallpaper in Canary if you’re feeling a bold wallpaper with colors like citron. (I may or may not be obsessed with citron. I have a pillow at home in the shade and am always looking for an excuse to use this wall covering! Kelly Ventura does this color wonderfully)

Looking to do more to your walls than wallpaper? Check out this blog on selecting the right paint color for any space!

Wallpaper Trends that Never Goes Out of Style

When it comes to wallpaper trends, one piece of the equation is timeless – professional installers. These folks turn wallpaper dreams into reality without breaking a sweat. Our crew is top-notch, turning even flawed wallpaper into masterpieces. Clients love them, and many even ask for these magic-makers by name!

While you certainly can DIY your wallpaper, professional installers are really that missing piece that can bring your room to the next level. 

Start Your Journey

In our world, wallpaper isn’t just paper on walls (okay, it is that, but it’s more than that too); it’s a journey of self-expression. So, whether you’re dreaming of a bold statement or a subtle upgrade, We’ve got your back. Get ready to turn those walls into a canvas of creativity!

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