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As an Interior Designer, collaborating with Roth Living has been a game-changer for adding luxury kitchen appliances to many of my projects. Roth Living stands as the exclusive distributor of the Sub-Zero, Wolf, Cove, and Best Appliances, covering a vast region including the Midwest, Colorado, Utah, Montana, St. Louis, and Kansas. Working with Roth Living is not just about selecting the best high-end appliances; it’s about creating a one-of-a-kind kitchen experience for my clients. I love working with Roth Living, and I know you will too!

What Sets Roth Living Apart

Roth Living serves as the crucial link between manufacturers and dealer showrooms, offering a dedicated team committed to supporting design professionals, builders, and appliance dealers. With a mission revolving around providing a lifetime of support and training on their top-tier products, Roth Living embodies a passion for design, quality, performance, and longevity.

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The Art of Craftsmanship: Luxury Kitchen Appliances

As an interior designer, it’s so important for me to work with companies like this that I can wholeheartedly recommend. We all spend so much time in the kitchen it’s a worthy investment to have the best of the best!

Roth Living’s product range is crafted with premium-grade materials and rigorously tested for decades of superior performance. They represent the epitome of luxury residential kitchen appliances, with quality backed by over 75 years of experience as a family-owned company. Because they are proudly manufactured in the USA, their premium appliances are built in factories in Madison, WI, and Goodyear, AZ, with a focus on sustainable efforts.

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The Showroom Experience

The Roth Living Showroom stands as a cornerstone for trade and dealer partners. It’s such a valuable resource for design professionals and their clients, allowing clients to not only visualize but experience how these appliances will seamlessly integrate into their dream kitchen.

Although not everyone has an eye for design, the showroom makes it easy for even design newbies to immerse themselves in the overall look. The knowledgeable consultants guide clients through the entire process, offering insights, solutions, and advice. This opportunity ensures you’re going to craft a space you love!

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Excellence in Experience

You all know that my interior design style is as much about the experience as the look. After all, you don’t want a beautiful room nobody’s allowed to touch- you want a space that serves you and your family, creating lasting memories.

That’s one of the reasons I love working with Roth Living: they are committed to an exceptional experience. Live product demonstrations with Chef-led events provide a unique and immersive understanding of their luxury appliances. Talk about an amazing browsing experience! What’s more, the Executive Chef works alongside clients, offering live and virtual ownership classes and support throughout the life of their products. With a Roth Living Factory Certified Installation team, clients benefit from an additional warranty, ensuring peace of mind.

You aren’t just going to end up with a beautifully crafted space with exceptional performance, you’re also going to love every step of the way to get there!

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The Joy of Collaboration

My favorite part of working on projects with Roth Living is their ability to understand the unique needs of my clients and provide them with an innovative design that aligns with their lifestyle. Beyond the individual projects, Roth Living takes pride in supporting its trade partners and dealers, fostering a sense of collaboration and community within the design industry.  Undeniably, it’s the perfect blend of quality and experience. Truly, what could be better?

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The Best in Luxury Kitchen Appliances

If you’re looking for the best in luxury kitchen design, visit the Roth Living Minnesota Showroom at 11300 West 47th Street, Minnetonka, MN 55435, or call 952-933-4428 to schedule an appointment.

If you want to see our collaboration firsthand, stay tuned!—The unveiling of a new Roth Living Minnesota Showroom is coming in late 2024!

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