A journey that started out with just picking out paint has turned into a 10 year journey to transform this turn of the century Tudor into a dream house that is built around function and family. The textured walls and dark stairways are a distant memory (Maybe just for me, I wasn’t living there). This classic Tudor has transformed into a home that embodies a coastal refuge with natural fibers and cool hued, washed out colors. Think ‘Coastal Seaside’ over  ‘South Minneapolis Tudor’.

A threshold to walk into.

A classic threshold to walk into.


When walking into the home, we placed a hand forged ‘H’ right at your feet, the client’s initial. Who doesn’t love a monogram? We love tying our clients ideas and inspirations. It is a great site to see upon crossing the threshold. An introduction to this welcoming home, and also, a memorable goodbye. Notice that the “H” can be read both ways {intentional!!!!}?   


Monogramed Tiled 'H' Floor Vestibule

Monogramed Tiled ‘H’ Floor Vestibule


At the center of the home is the family and their dear pets – along with the only staircase going up to the second level. Meet Crosby and Harriet. Crosby and Harriet’s claws were kept in mind when selecting the custom made curved stairway runner. The weavers wove the carpet in a “tip shear” construction so that the loops that get caught on their claws were able to be trimmed when snagged. This feature, in addition to the runner’s saturated tones and overall pattern, supports the rigorous use of a high traffic stair way that typically would not survive the daily use of a family house.



Crosby the Labor-doodle


Harriet the Cat

Harriet the Cat


Custom Stairway Runner

Custom Stairway Runner


Just like the runner was designed to endure the test of time, we also believe in giving our textiles a rest period. This will make them last longer and gives the fibers time to lay. The transition from season to season in Minnesota is really drastic and frankly requires different materials. Just as perfect as a crisp linen looks in summer it looks the opposite in the winter. These chairs see ‘Winter and Summer Clothes’. This not only extends the life of the slipcovers but gives the room an updated feel bi-annually. Also our client is such a fabric lover that we are about to embrace the two “other” seasons!


Summer Clothes for A Chair

Summer Clothes for A Chair


Stay tuned about our newest project. We are painting and glazing the dark wood on this built-in cabinet and crown molding, papering the walls, and adding a little Mother of Pearl luster to the ceiling. Here is a sneak peak of the ‘before’. We can’t wait to share the ‘after’!



Before shot of our next project

Before shot of our next project- glazing the old woodwork



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