Our Favorite Light Fixtures This Year (So far…)

We have loved seeing the vast options for lighting this year. So creative and so many lines by designers have been created. Here are some favorites...

Caddo Linear Lantern

One beautiful fixture that I cannot wait to use is Visual Comfort’s the Caddo Large Lineal Lantern by Julie Neill in the softest celadon you ever did see!

Bungalow 5 Naxos

This lamp from Bungalow 5 is a classic. A pair on a buffet table would be delightful. The lucite base is perfect for those who want a cleaner, more modern look. 5 stars.

Ironware International Chandeliers

One of my staple brands of lighting is Ironware International. The Ondine can be a beauty in many different finishes, mind you [which can change the look completely]. The Odette can too!I have moved the Odette from one home’s dining room to the client’s next home’s living room and ordered another so there was a pair!


Since I already talked about what I want to use and have used in lighting, I should also talk about what I am specifying for clients right now! Here are a few pieces…..

For a Pantry: Urban Electric - The Hyde

For a Dining Room: Visual Comfort Halo

A pair of these lovelies....how is that for a statement?

Wall Sconce: Astro Cabin Light

Last but not least we have this precious fixture for a baby boy’s nightstand area. Enough to glow as a night light and rated for outdoor use! Can’t wait until it is installed!

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