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This year has been an interesting one, to say the very least! Many of us find ourselves spending more time at home than we ever have. And with all the time spent at home, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing a lot of interest in updating furniture and questions about how to accessorize a room.

That interest, combined with an e-design project we did, inspired us to share tips on how to accessorize your sitting room. You’ll see the items in today’s post have a rustic coastal vibe, but if this isn’t your typical design aesthetic, don’t worry! You can always swap out the items and still gain ideas for size, texture, and purpose.

This page includes affiliate links. I LOVE finding new home decor items and sharing them with you! Check out my favorite finds below. I’m always adding new finds so keep checking back for the latest.

Start With a Fresh Surface

Start by clearing off your console table, sofa table, or buffet. You’ll get a fresh perspective on the space. For the purposes of this post, we’ll focus on accessorizing a console table. If you’re looking for a new console, a few that we love include this hand wrapped linen coastal blue table, a clean, seamless option, or this driftwood style console with storage.

Add Lighting for Functionality and Height

Most console tables need a good light fixture for brightening up a space. What’s great though is that they also add height and visual interest to the table decor. For our recent project, we placed two lamps on the console table - one at each end. For lighting ideas, we love the look of this aged iron table lamp and this rustic, patina-inspired lamp. These lamps also provided a visual barrier between two sitting areas.  It was a nice use of a beautiful console table and functional lights.

Accessorize with Container Items Like a Bowl or Vase

Adding a piece where you can customize and swap out what it contains provides a great opportunity for something seasonal. Changing out these container fillers seasonally also keeps the space feeling fresh and current, with little effort.  

With the holidays coming up, filler options include scented botanicals, faux red berry balls, green berry balls, birch, and faux figs.

Add Texture and Dimension

The clients we worked with for this project are quite the readers. We decided to incorporate this feeling into the space by stacking up their favorite coffee table books and accessorizing them with texture and dimension on top. A great example of a piece to place on top would be this driftwood accent piece that adds organic texture and is perfect for the rustic coastal aesthetic.

Incorporate Functional Items That Are Style-appropriate

We love the addition of coasters that blend nicely into the setting. For this room, we chose slab glass coasters that fit the tone of the coastal-inspired room as they are not too loud and blend well. If you are looking for a darker color option, these round, grey earthenware coasters are beautiful as well. 

Added tip: Both coaster options could also be placed on a coffee table tray. They will be easily accessible (think morning coffee or, better yet, evening cocktail), but at the same time they blend in with the decor and won’t compete with the other accessories.

Add Abstract Objects

The addition of this glass-blown knot creates positive and negative space and breaks up the solid items. Even the most traditionally styled spaces can add abstract objects for visual interest. If you prefer more of an industrial look, this rustic jack is another great option that we’ve used.

Consider Space Around the Table

There was plenty of space in this room to add a woven seagrass storage basket to one side of the table and we really could have used some height. You can use this stylish and functional addition for storing throw blankets. A fun option to add greenery to the space would even be placing a faux potted tree inside, or perhaps a Christmas tree this year?  Something different, right? 

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