My “Why” Behind Interior Design

RKID's Why for Interior Design

       This year marks 10 years of owning my own business. With all the wonderful memories, homes, and clients that date brings back, it’s really made me reflect on my “why” behind interior design. Why I wake up and love what I do every day, how I got here, and what will keep me doing it for as long as I can. I wanted to share those with you in hopes it sparks you to think about your “why” or give you a better look into the tangible passion behind our company. 

      For me, it all starts back when I was a kid and received my first set of Barbie dolls and the long-coveted Barbie Dream House… only to care solely about the Dream House portion of the gift. I would spend hours and hours cutting cardboard pieces into rugs at the perfect scale. I remember spending hours with my markers creating wallpaper patterns to hang in the rooms. I loved the idea of each Barbie wanting something different in their room and dreaming of ways to create it. Wanting to be an interior designer wasn’t a known fact for me but as I got older and went to college I remembered the feeling of getting to express myself in that way. Since the moment I decided that could be my career I have fallen in love with interior design.

      I love that I get to solve the problems of my clients in such a beautiful way. Each day brings something totally different and I love the way that in this industry you get to interact with so many different people. From clients to artisans to brand representatives all the way to electricians (who by the way are magicians) and architects and builders. It’s collaborative and inspiring for each day to include a few of those special people. A well-kept secret in this business is the vast amount of knowledge everyone has. One of my favorite things is when a large project is completed and we get to take a step back and think of all the know-how that was poured into that space that was made specifically for our client. So many solved problems, well-executed dreams, crazy structural ideas, and poof! It’s become the Barbie Dream House. 

       Here I am 23 years after starting my career in interior design and loving every moment of it. This career has taught me tough lessons, shown me my full potential, and allowed me to have a flexible schedule with my family that I always loved seeing in my own family growing up. I have dozens and dozens of homes that are living proof of ideas I created and nurtured in my head for so long, and many happy clients that get to live their best lives in those spaces. 

       What I want to leave you with is something that has helped me over the years. It’s important that in your “why” you know what it is that sets you apart. What it is that you know you bring to the table. For me, that looks like deep knowledge on new builds and the power of a collaborative team. Both have come with time, but have been my strong suit as I run my own business. I never want to stamp my name on an idea I played a part in and call it a day. I want to be a part of the team that brought its story to life and share that story with others. My passion for great design and the people who enjoy it with me is my “why” behind every day in this industry and beyond it.

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  1. Linda Berge on May 6, 2020 at 5:46 pm

    Well…this is mom…and so glad we gave you the Barbie Dream House! Always knew you were artistic and paid attention to detail.

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