High Point Market – Part 2


“Heavy on the details” is exactly what we saw throughout the 2019 Fall Highpoint Market. Details that stand out and make your pieces look as though they had been made for that exact purpose.  Details that make them unique and full of character. Details are the reason why I do what I do. Who doesn’t want that?  

We started with:

  • tonal piping on a seat cushion, so tailored, I can’t even stand it [and not to mention the tonal buttons!] 
  • nailhead trim on this sofa had piping and also, a unique pattern to the nailhead trim that uses different sizes and also, on a tape trim.  All just to die for.  
  • and a simple, simple tape trim at the base of the drum shade.  Simple, sophisticated, and smashing. This beauty has just enough...

There is always an overload of details, but we just keep taking photos.  After being on your feet for over 12 hours in various showrooms, your mind is exploding with ideas you want to immediately share with all of your clients, old and new, and some who haven’t even hired you yet!  

My last 2019 Fall High Point nod is to Hickory Chair and their collaboration with Ray Booth.   


Ray has put a lot of thought and time into his collection [which you can see here].  When showing some previous and his new collections, they blended beautifully together.  We were able to meet him and even though we didn’t get a photo, he was a complete gem, and passionate about showing us his furniture and encouraged us to sit in it, study it, and ask questions.  5 stars [if you are asking me…].

We concluded we loved these three pieces the best:  

  • split Klismos bench.  It is a great percher for everyday life and bound to be a party favorite.  
  • Here we have a beautiful and weighty mirror. Ray designs this mirror frame to be built out just enough to make room for a picture frame to lean, or small “found” item.  This helps to personalize a space and make it yours. I love his thought process for the pieces he has designed.  
Ray Booth for Hickory Chair

See the detail of the ledge design!

  • And who can’t use a classic console table like this?  So simple on its own or beautiful layering an ottoman.  The rooms are endless where this could be used: bedroom, dining room, entry, etc.

These are just a few finds at Fall Market in High Point.  Look for more finds from RKID at Las Vegas Market 2020 at the end of January where I am a Trendspotter.  Subscribe to our newsletter here, so you don't miss out on more great trends and finds!


Until next time... Burn the candles, use the china…



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