Top 5 Paint Colors Fall 2019

#1 Question I get asked hands down…

What is the latest paint colors that are popular? These change season to season of course, as are the latest trends in fashion.  And what is the best paint to use?

Personally, I prefer Benjamin Moore paints.  Although, I have painters that swear by many other types of paint, so I try to use what they are most comfortable using.  

Why use paint?  

  1. It’s easy to
  2. It is affordable
  3. Immediate gratification!  

Color #1:  Proposal AF-260

  • Where do you use this color?
    • Master bathroom, bedroom, powder room

Color #2:  Kendall Charcoal HC-166

  • Where do you use this color?
    • A den, woodwork [doors, baseboards, casing], furniture

Color #3: Cupcake 2099-20

  • Where do you use this color?
    • A kitchen island, a dressing room, a study

Color #4:  Hale Navy HC-154

  • Where do you use this color?
    • A masculine room (stripes perhaps?), cabinetry in an office, a family room

Color #5:  Simply White OC-117

  • Where do you use this color?
    • Wood Trim, Ceiling, Cabinetry - anywhere! 

Color #6:  Silver Marlin 2139-50

  • Where do you use this color?
    • Master suite, cabinetry, furniture

This year the trends are in the combinations of finishes of paint.  For instance, using the same color of paint on the walls and trim but using matte on the walls and satin on the doors and trim.  Tonal is the name of the game this season. It is fun and subtle, and the colors are saturated. Best advice, have fun and experiment!

Burn the candles, use the china…



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