Feeling Green

Green is a color of beauty, new beginnings, health, and it’s my FAVORITE color! In honor of St. Patrick's Day, the only day I'm Irish, today’s blog post lists my favorite things green… in no particular order!

green items wallpaper dress shoes
  1. Ahhh, my front door. I’m so glad I went with Sherwin Williams Cilantro 6453. It’s been such a fun and fresh color that makes me so happy!
  2. Smashing artwork - the garden plan of my dreams.
  3. Pair of fresh green sneakers for spring
  4. This Kate Spade lamp is a beauty. So nice and petite!
  5. Tori Burch has it down this season. I can definitely see this swim suit in my suitcase this summer!
  6. Memories of my childhood….I loved Lucky Charms! (emoji)
  7. I saw this gorgeous marble mosaic tile installed in a kitchen, and have never forgotten it. Such beautiful contrast and pattern.
  8. The beauty of a perfectly ripe avocado. Delicious and nutritious!
  9. Who doesn’t love an emerald? Especially from Elizabeth Taylor’s vast library of jewels.
  10. Last but not least, a favorite pattern from Schumacher. On fabric or wallpaper, I will never tire of Chiang Mai Dragon.

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