Earth Day 2020

It’s Earth Day! Even though field trips to clean the nearby creek for our kids and fresh flowers aren’t the first things on our mind this Earth Day, let’s take a few minutes and let them be because we are here to spread good in our minds and lives! Let’s be the group that takes a plastic bag and gloves on our already scheduled 3 walks a day and pick up any trash we see. After that let’s reward ourselves and brighten up our house with a quick homemade fresh flower arrangement.

Today in honor of Earth Day we are talking about my absolute favorite flowers to have in the house and after that, I’ll share the scoop on all the places I get them.

1.Tulips - I love the almost perfect symmetry of every bud. You can find them at just about any supermarket and usually always get to choose from a handful of color options. Throw them into a nice vase with ease, these guys fall perfectly and open up so beautifully. I just love how symbolic they are of Spring. Give me all Spring!

2.Ranunculus - In my personal opinion, the cutest and most whimsical flower ever! So many color combinations and so fun to watch them open up. Great to have in the house because they are said to last seven to ten days and usually even more! They are a fun, moderately priced option that you can again find at your local supermarket almost anytime you visit.

3.Peonies - This is getting to the obvious. How could Peonies not be someone’s favorite?! They smell great, remind me of summer, and their small window of blooming makes them all the more special. It feels like you’re getting that special “limited time” offer. 😉 Buy them at the store or plant them in your yard, just do what you need to do to get in on their goodness! 

4.Lavender - One of the best, and easiest. Throw them in a pitcher as so and the only thing left to do is feast your eyes! This flower is great because they smell incredible and can be reused. All you have to do is dry them out and you can keep them in a vase, tie a mini bouquet together and place on a bookshelf, or put them in a little sashe and give it a nice spruce whenever you need that Lavender smell in your day. (That last part should happen often, you always need Lavender in your day).

5. Snake plant - Yes, I know, it’s not a flower. But it’s so good I couldn’t leave it out of the lineup! I have so much love for its variegated leaves and its overall simplicity. Easy to take care of and lasts for as long as you give it love. This has been a fun one in my house because a few months ago when it got big enough, we were able to split it and pass some smaller plants off to each of our kids for their bedrooms. This little guy is from Tonkadale Greenhouse - I’m sharing all my favorite places to go below!

And now the part where I promised I would share the scoop on the best places to get these!

While we know not all of our readers are local (there’s some accessible options in here too!) we wanted to share all of these local hidden gems because now more than ever is the best time to highlight small businesses. 


-Spruce: Perfect place to buy a bouquet, send a bouquet, or stop by and look for a show-stopping pot or accessories. They have preset options in every price range, can make an arrangement of your choice to fit a specific price range, and all in a timely fashion. 


-Tonkadale Greenhouse: This has become one of my usual stops for just about every season. They have so many options for plants and accessories and are more than happy to help with any questions on plant care or help you find exactly what you’re looking for (even if you don’t know what that is yet!). BONUS! They are even doing curbside pick ups during this difficult time. 


-Trader Joe’s: This is an accessible option for just about anyone reading this and that is exactly why we love it. We are all running into TJ’s regardless of or flower dreams to get any snacking essentials. I have always loved how they have such a great selection of plants and flowers. Always Ranunculus, Tulips, Peonies when in season, and all the great greenery to help you fill your vase. In addition to that, they sell small plants of fresh herbs, succulents for a quick gift, and bulbs if you want to start from the very beginning!


We hope you learned a bit about what we love around here which will help you learn a bit about what YOU love! That’s our only hope and dream around here - that you stop by and learn not only about us but most importantly, you. Happy Earth Day to you and your family! We encourage you to get out and get creative with it this year… and when you do don’t forget to share it with us!


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