The Timeless Art of Cane

High Point 2022 Spring Market did not disappoint this year!

We saw so many beautiful things, but one very consistent attribute we saw in each showroom- caning.

The cane revealed itself in a variety of furniture pieces - seats, chair backs, cabinets, name it!  It was featured with different finishes - painted, stained, and even its raw state; and in many sizes - both traditional and larger weave.


What is caning or cane, you ask?

Caning is a method of weaving used for chairs and other furniture pieces either in design or for repair.  The material [cane] is made up of the stem or trunk of the rattan palm. While there are many species of rattan, there are only a few that are durable and beautiful enough to serve in furniture making.

Cabinet from Gabby Home Collection
Cabinet from Gabby Home Collection

The success of this material can be determined in part, by the difference of the material it's up against.  Is it dark, light, dull, shiny?  Can you see the grain, or is there upholstery?

Cane can create endless options for a designer's eye and within a space.  It also can help set the tone for the room.  If paired with a wood that is slightly chapped and similar in color, [shown above] it is sleek but casual.

Bench from Bungalow 5 Collection
Bench from Bungalow 5 Collection

If it's paired with a sleek wood finish and a traditional scale cane, it can read a little more formal.


Any way you slice it, it was fun to see at market and always a great way to add some texture to your personal spaces.  In my opinion, cane will never go out of style and is a classic - I've always been enamored by the addition of it to a piece.  It is a true art.

"Burn the candles, use the china..."

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