Wow! What a busy week I had in Vegas at the 2020 Las Vegas Market.  This was my first time at this market and it was so different than High Point. It had many different vendors and was a completely different layout. It was a market that I could easily get through [for my type of interior design needs] in 2 days.  

Renae Keller & Martyn Lawrence Bullard at the 2020 Las Vegas Market

I was able to look into some smaller boutique lines, which is always a pleasure for me, and be able to bring them on as a line I carry and offer them to my clients.  It is so wonderful to have some mainstays in your lines that you carry, and also have some smaller lines that focus on a few products and have excellent quality. Here is where I found those “boutique” lines:  

  • Linens for the home
  • Artwork and mirrors galore
  • Rugs and floor covering
  • Tabletop items
  • Accessories for all parts of the home
Renae Keller for #ViewOnVegas at the 2020 Las Vegas Market

It has been wonderful to see the options that are available.  I feel like “The Interior Design Markets” are a special place.  A place where you can get excited about the product and be able to communicate this to your client without having them actually be there.  I use these memories to help the clients feel comfortable in what they are purchasing. It’s also a great display for showing us the latest trends – both in style & color.  Being able to recommend these products without hesitation is a game-changer for RKID and our clients.  

Day 1:

Lighting….have I even said how much I love lighting?  It really can make or break a room. Burnishes and brushed gold are holding strong.  These warm tones aren’t going anywhere. Also, there is such a contrast in black fixtures and white fixtures.  I feel like this is a reaction to the black windows that are available and being used in the masses today. Maybe a bit more crisp, sharp?  

The lighting was either sharp [metal, right angles, etc] or organic [wood tones, woven materials and oversized].  Mixing these two is also encouraged. Again, this crispness or simplicity is so desired today in our minimalistic world and softened with organic shapes/materials. 

Renae Keller & Thom Filicia at the 2020 Las Vegas Market

Day 2:

I may have rubbed elbows with Thom Felicia as he was promoting his line from Vanguard Furniture. It was a handsome line and flexible – thoughtful and clean in style.  Very Thom feeling, and so successful.  

Or was it the 2020 Design Icon Martyn Lawrence Bullard?  What a charmer! He was charismatic and his English accent made us all melt.  The VIP party was at the Wynn and gorgeous. And, don’t worry, since I forgot my calf hair clutch at home, I improvised and used my cosmetic brush bag and held the IT Cosmetics label towards myself.  Good grief. What is a girl to do????? [Bless IT Cosmetics for making smashing make up bags!]. Talk about pinch-hitting!

Renae Keller for #ViewOnVegas at the 2020 Las Vegas Market

Walking around and putting my Taste Maker sign up was intriguing!  It was interesting to see what others had selected and how we are all different and saw things uniquely.  My selections were quite classic, and versatile. Great investment pieces that could withstand the test of time.  

I was ready to come home, however, and see the family.  I had missed a lot of activities that week and just wanted to plain old come home and see everyone.  This all goes back to my “why”…

My work is about awakening the senses through beautiful design.

We see the potential in every home, and we use design to solve problems, enhance lives, and inspire our clients through Beauty.  

We want everyone to experience their home to its greatest potential

A great home gets you back to square one where you’re at your best.

All for now, Burn the candles, Use the china…


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