It’s hard to believe, but one year ago this month I launched Renae Keller Interior Design, Inc. It’s amazing how quickly that year flew by. As any proud parent of a 1-year-old would, I’ve been reflecting on RKID’s first year of life and the things I’ve learned—about interior design, the business world and myself—that made 2010 the most exciting year of my life.

1)   Aside from my dear family, interior design is still the love of my life.

2)   Variety really is the spice of life. I love the challenge of designing all kinds of spaces, from mudrooms to master bedrooms to “the man cave.”

3)   I am not a natural-born accountant (right, Brad?). Money matters and design matters don’t get along well in this brain of mine.

4)   My best working time of the day is in the wee hours of the morning, with coffee (10 cups to be exact, but who’s counting? and of course creamer…) and well before the kids awaken.

5)   I thrive on looking for ways to effectively communicate how fantastic a client’s project can be.

6) has some great finds!

7)   I want an iPad. With a great case. Bad.

8)   Keeping up with trends is more work than I anticipated. Whew!

9)   Every client’s story is unique and fascinating.

10) Networking, though way out of my comfort zone, is the name of the game.

I hope RKID’s second year is as wonderful as the first, and that it somehow connects me personally to each of you. Thank you to everyone who has supported me, encouraged me, and inspired me to live this incredible dream!


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Renae Keller is an award-winning, ASID certified interior designer in Minneapolis-St. Paul, specializing in new construction and large remodels. Trusted by homebuilders, architects and homebuyers alike, Renae is known for creating an overall design vision that blends functionality and aesthetics, while keeping the details intertwined, and her customer's style in clear focus.