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Why did I decide to Rebrand?

After 21 years of experience as an interior designer I have to admit I wanted to throw a party! This party is for all the people in my life that have become part of the success of this business and all the new ones I hope to work with. But honestly rebranding is a way to freshen up, add a ‘spring into our step’ and create new energy for us and our clients.

We curated a new website, designed a logo, shot a video and selected new colors to represent our design philosophy. Persimmon and Indigo were an easy choice for the strong, classic look they present which allows them to never go out of style. As a designer we want our brand to represent us and the way we design. Although do not be surprised if we add a touch of another color here and there!

Essentially we are a business of connecting people to their homes. We add value to each family member. The way you individually dwell in your home is important. For me, my family inspires the placement of a entryway bench or even a  kitchen light. They should be just the right height for my teenagers to be able to feel confident helping me in the kitchen or taking their boots off. It is all about function and beauty.

We look forward to seeing you at our ‘Brand Reveal’ on May 11th from 5:00-7:30 at the International Market Square.

Lets… “Burn the candles, use the china”.


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Renae Keller is an award-winning, ASID certified interior designer in Minneapolis-St. Paul, specializing in new construction and large remodels. Trusted by homebuilders, architects and homebuyers alike, Renae is known for creating an overall design vision that blends functionality and aesthetics, while keeping the details intertwined, and her customer's style in clear focus.