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Archive for September 2017

Rebranding with Amber Hurdle

The Scout Guide Minneapolis

This past week I was featured on a podcast with ‘Bombshell Business’ hosted by business coach, Amber Hurdle. She runs a business think tank out of Nashville, TN and works with clients all over the world. Collaborating with Amber Hurdle was one of those experiences that I would recommend for any business, small or Fortune 100.…

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How to Choose Wall Art and Hang it

Renae Keller Interior Design

When selecting art for your home or office there a few considerations to keep in mind. Color, content, and texture are some of them but what about if your not even sure about what colors belong in the the space. Framing is necessary and can often intimidate a buyer (black frame-white mat vs. gold frame- off white mat?!).…

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