Color of the Month – June

Color of the Month

Yellow Dot


We are ending June and the color of the month that speaks to this first summer month is YELLOW! Hello sunshine, flowers, bumble bees and all things that scream summer!





Patio season is officially here and at Betty Danger’s Country Club in Minneapolis, you can see a posh wallcovering that demands your attention.


The accent of white allows this wall to pop and brighten the patio dining experience.




Nothing better than a perky yellow bench with crisp white geometric pattern, I saw this on my way to get coffee creamer at Target.






If you want to just add a little pop of yellow, try a pattern you like with a yellow trim detail. Just a little can go a long way!



Or a nice large scale pattern with a little yellow detail would be a good window treatment option.



These rain boot book ends are such a fun addition to any space, very playful!



Wedding season has also arrive and delicate yellow dress is a good way to stand out in the crowd.



Here are a couple more yellow pieces that are a little more of a mustard tone.






Hope you enjoyed my color of the month and stay tuned for

July’s color!



RKID on the Road

RKID on the Road




A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to find a great treasure in Iowa, right before my self-inflicted surgery….that’s right I have been in a very fashionable ‘Jimmy Choo’ boot…





…Back to my Iowan treasure, Antique Archaeology in Le Claire, IA! You may recognize the name from American Pickers on the History Channel.



My children, Charlotte and William, shared in my excitement at Antique Archeology….





We found a couple more unique bikes.










A Cinderella Pale Blue Vespa with contrasting black leather seat and creamy beige hand grips. This item is from Mike’s collection, our great American Picker, and unfortunately not for sale!

Here are some other great finds….



Here is a layered display with a textured back wall that would be wonderful backdrop for a ever popular design trend, vista wall. This wall could also help highlight a personal collection display you have….or would like to start!








These items are a great twist for the nautical design trend!





This antique register would look amazing on a library shelf.






For the Motorcycle lovers, a retro club shirt. I love the black wire framed fan, royal blue trunk and speakers surrounding the shirt, the perfect accessories to pull into a industrial style space!







Then of course there were a few more pieces that could work in an Art Nouveau space. Oh la la…





I can’t wait to return to the Antique Archaeology shop in Le Claire, IA. In the mean time I suggest visiting their online store, www.antiquearchaeology.com, and let me know what you think!

Stay tuned for my June color of the month blog….




This month I was re-introduced to a lovely design known as Chinoiserie. A classic decorative style that was first popular in the 18th century.


 I picked out a fabulous wallcovering at the F.Schumacher showroom in International Market Square. The Chiang Mai Dragon comes in a variety of options, all rich in color and detail. Here are two colorways I love…



This color is Alabaster and is the original color scheme for the 1930’s Chiang Mai Dragon print.



F. Schumacher, CHIANG MAI DRAGON in Aquamarine.

F. Schumacher, CHIANG MAI DRAGON in Aquamarine.

A couple things make this particular wallcovering special, unique and a high price item. Here are reasons (beside appearance) I appreciate Chiang Mai Dragon pattern –

  • Originally done by hand with wooden blocks.
  • The dragon done by the 1930’s American movement have a mix of a 4 and 5 claw legs. Traditionally 5 claw dragons were reserved only for the Imperial families, thus this error shows that this is an American pattern.
  • Each roll is a unique work of art, all hand screened done by an individual inker and all inkers at the F. Schumacer mill working on this pattern have a Masters in Fine Arts!


Other items I saw while shopping in IMS that caught my eye in my Chinoiserie craze….

F. Schumacher, CHINOIS, Color - Peony

F. Schumacher, CHINOIS, Color – Peony

Such whimsy and what a beautiful color!


Reverse on the style with a periwinkle background color.


And I saw this fantastic piece in Kravet, found behind their front desk, what a statement piece.

Check back in a couple weeks for my June Color of the Month!


Color of the Month

Color of the Month


Blush Dot 2


Spring is here! As a designer I am inspired everyday by what surrounds me. That is why the Blush topped the list of May’s color of the month.





Walking into my office, I am greeted by beautiful flowers touched with a hints of blush.





If allergies are a problem, look for a faux bundle to add on your desk.



Here are a few fabrics that can freshen up your palette.


Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

A sophisticated girls room!


Lavender and Blush make a great team, found in the Schumacher showroom.







You can add a little touch of Blush to your outfit with some accessories…

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

A great statement necklace.

A pin for a spring jacket, Blush and Plum




Another great way to go is to add decor accessories.




Stay tuned to see June’s color…..




Color of the Month

Color of the Month

Citron Dot

The color of the month is “Citron”, one of the best colors to show off your Spring fever!  This color named after the citrus fruit, and rightfully so, is the perfect mix of yellow and green and can pop any space.  The beauty of this color is its intensity.


Here is a great combination of a grey/citron stripe upholstered chair paired with wood grain pillows.



Another unique pairing of patterns.  The White/Citron Chevron accented with the floral pillow really caught my eye.  Wouldn’t you want to sit down here with a good book!



Need to spice up your entry or dining area, try finding a pair or vases to incorporate onto your furniture piece.



See these inspirational pallets that have really grown my obsession with incorporating this refreshing color into my world.

FullSizeRender (3) (1)



Citron compliments with whites, grays, light Blues to deep Navy Blues.



This a great little vase was a Target find this past winter, the reverse Ombre of Citron and White is simply divine.


A fun pattern lampshade.


This has endless possibilities.

Citron Vase - Zackary



I can’t wait to share next month’s color……..


My trip to Kohler

Last week I traveled with a group of designers to Kohler, Wisc., to learn about Kohler’s products, brands and technology. We were fortunate enough to stay in stunning and historic Riverbend (www.riverbendkohler.com).

My experience there was nothing short of spectacular. As a tactically motivated designer, I place a lot of value in being able to test-drive products before putting them in my clients’ homes. I want to know firsthand how the faucet handles feel when you turn them, or how the artist crafts each unique piece of tile. And Kohler is such a top-notch company with exquisite, cutting-edge products, it would be difficult to leave uninspired.

My favorite moment of the trip was meeting the designers of the Kallista pieces. (Kallista is one of the companies owned by Kohler.) The engineering of Kallista products is astounding…can’t wait to put some of them in my clients’ homes!

Some of the gorgeous Kallista designs:

Kallista vanity, lights and faucet.

Bill Sofield for Kallista vanity design, lights and faucet


Kallista faucet and vanity

Barbara Barry Tuxedo Collection for Kallista faucet, lights, mirror and vanity

Kallista faucet

Michael S. Smith for Kallista “For Country” collection faucet

Ann Sacks Tile….gorgeous!

Ann Sacks tile (owned by Kohler)


Ann Sacks tile (owned by Kohler)

Ann Sacks tile (owned by Kohler)

Ann Sacks tile (owned by Kohler)

Don’t forget about the Riverbed Mansion and croquet field on the Kohler complex! Luxury!!

Riverbed mansion at the Kohler complex

A mansion built in 1923 for Walter J. Kohler

Riverbed mansion at the Kohler complex

Riverbend’s rear terrace

Croquet field at Kohler complex

Croquet anyone?


My feature on House of Turquoise

Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter already know I was featured on the House of Turquoise blog for my most recent project in Rochester. This is exciting for two reasons: 1) Erin at House of Turquoise has more than 55,000 Likes on Facebook, which means awesome exposure for RKID, and 2) I’m so proud of this project because it stretched me out of my comfort zone a bit, and I’m always thankful for opportunities to grow professionally.

You can see Erin’s post about this project here.

And here are the photos from the project she featured in the post. What do you think?!

Renae Keller Interior Design family room Renae Keller Interior Design detail Renae Keller Interior Design kitchen Renae Keller Interior Design kitchen dining


My 15 minutes of fame (okay, a minute and 40 seconds, but still…)

If you follow me on social media (and you should!), you already know I was on WCCO last week sharing tips for holiday decorating and host/hostess gift-giving. I shared photos on social media but wanted to also share with you what the experience was like. Being a TV newbie, it was all incredibly fascinating.

I woke up that morning excited to get the day rolling, both literally and figuratively. My general M.O. is to panic for several days prior but then be filled with calm the day of a big event, and this was no different. I began by meeting with my PR gal Madeline Johnson at Tapis Decor to review what I was going to say and do. Next came introductions to both Bob the camera man and Natalie, the woman who interviewed me. We had a brief chat about what they wanted to get on camera and what they were hoping to achieve with this segment, then the camera began rolling. It all happened so fast–clearly this was not their first rodeo! Natalie was wonderful in helping me explain what I had created for the camera, and she kept asking questions to continue the conversation seamlessly. I’m so pleased with the end result, I wouldn’t change a thing (except for all the awkward “umm”s!).

Watch the segments here:

Holiday Decorating

Host/Hostess Gift-Giving

Gettin' miked.

Gettin’ miked.

Why do I look like I'm about to tip over here? Am I shaking water out of my ear?

Why do I look like I’m about to tip over here? Am I shaking water out of my ear?



Can we talk about how great Natalie's dress-and-boots combo is in this picture?

Can we talk about how great Natalie’s dress-and-boots combo is in this picture?

Adding wintery touches to things you already have make decorating painless and pretty.

Adding wintery touches to things you already have make decorating painless and pretty.

Pretty winter pillows and throw.

Pretty winter pillows and throw.


Hello from up north!

I’m happy to say this week’s blog post comes to you from the beautiful lakes of Crosslake, Minnesota. Could we have asked for better lake weather? No, we could not…it’s simply perfect up here this week. It’s a Berge (my side of the family) getaway, so we six Kellers are joined by my brother, his wife and three kids, as well as my parents, who will be here any minute. These Minnesota summers at the lake are why we put up with the atrocities Mother Nature bestows upon us every winter, right? Here’s a taste of the fun we’re having!


photo-2 photo-3 photo-4 photo-5 photo-6 photo-7 photo-8 photo-9 photo-10


RKID has a new look!

Friends, I’m so excited to announce my new website has launched! I love the look–it feels soooo Renae. I worked with the oh-so-talented Kim Kalina of Green Olive Design to create my new site…didn’t she do an amazing job? She totally captured the personal and professional feel I’m going for. Love it!

I hope you take some time to check it out and tell me what you think. And as always, call me if you need design help with your space!



RKID home page


Lots of new portfolio pics to share, too!

RKID portfolio page


My press and philanthropic info…

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